The three circles are tangent to each other. Lines L1 and L2 are parallel, and are tangent to circles A&B, and to circles A&C respectively. The radius of circle B is 9 cm, and the radius of cricle C is 16cm. The area of cricle A exceeds the sum of the areas of cricles B and C by..?


If the diagram for the question is not visible to you, please click on this google drive link to view the image that way.


Please help with this. 

 Oct 6, 2022

I have the answer as I have drawn it to scale but I have not worked out a non-graphical solution.

It quite likely has something to do with similar figures but I really do not know




Circle A has a radius of 25 units.  This may be a close approximation but I suspect it is exact. Not really sure.

See the diagram.


 Oct 9, 2022

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