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Find the intersection of the lines 9x-4y=6$ and $7x+y=17$. Express your answer as an ordered pair $(x,y)$.

 May 31, 2019

This should be extremely easy...


Have you learned how to solve systems of equations?

Whenever you try to find the intersect of two lines, just solve the systems of equations of the graph.


So... we will use elimination


9x - 4y = 6


7x + y = 17


Notice how the second equation can be multiplied by 4 to match the coefficient of y in the first equation.


So we have


9x - 4y = 6


28x + 4y = 68


Now we add the equations


37x = 74


x = 2


So we know that y = 3


So our answer is (2, 3)

 May 31, 2019

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