Help Me please.


Solve for x


3√x - m=n

ManuelBautista2019  Feb 22, 2018

This is pretty straightforward.......we want x on one side of the equation by itself

cubrt(x) -m = n      add m to both sides of the equation

cubrt(x) = n+m      Now cube each side

x = (n+m)^3

ElectricPavlov  Feb 22, 2018

Solve for x:

x^(1/3) - m = n


Isolate terms with x to the left hand side.

Add m to both sides:

x^(1/3) = m + n


Eliminate the cube root on the left hand side.

Raise both sides to the power of three:

x = (m + n)^3 = m^3 + 3m^2n + 3mn^2 + n^3

Guest Feb 22, 2018

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