The range of a secant function is (−∞, −4] ∪ [8, ∞). The equations of two consecutive asymptotes of the function are = −pi and =pi. The function is not a reflection over the x-axis. What is the equation of this secant function? Write the equation and state the parts of the equation. Show/explain how you found the various parts of the equation.


Can someone write this out step by step to the answer? I'd like to try to understand...

 Mar 11, 2022
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I used Desmos online graphing calc to aid me.

I know 2 asymtotes are x=-pi and x=pi

I know that secant isthe inverse of cos. 


I am much more familiar with the cos function so I will work out what that muct look like.

It must cross the x axis at -pi and pi    That would be half a wavelength.  So the wavelength will be  4pi


It has a maximum at y=8 and a minimum at y=-4

So just by thinking, or sctching what I already know. I can say that (0,8) and (2pi,-4)  will be the max and min.  

     ** Or they could be (0,-4) and (2pi, 8)  but I will wory about that last.


8--4 = 12  the amplitude of the wave is 6,   The average of 8 and -4 is 2   so  y=2 will be the centre line.


So the cos functions is    y=6cos(x/2) + 2               OR      y=-6cos(x/2)+2


The sec function will be    y=6sec(x/2)+2                  or        y=-6sec(x/2)+2





 Mar 11, 2022


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