Help me, please


Find the length of line CD

C(-6,-4) D(-3,1)

ManuelBautista2019  Sep 14, 2017

Find the length of line CD

C(-6,-4) D(-3,1)


Hello Manuel !


\(L=\sqrt{(x_c-x_D)^2+(y_C-y_D)^2}\\ L=\sqrt{(-6-(-3))^2+(-4-1)^2}\\ L=\sqrt{(-3)^2+(-5)^2}\\ L=\sqrt{9+25}=\sqrt{34}\\ \color{blue}L=5.831\)


laugh  !

asinus  Sep 14, 2017
edited by asinus  Sep 14, 2017

Thanks asinus,

You want the length of the interval CD. Lines do not have ends :)

Melody  Sep 14, 2017

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