Given: a=d/t2  and d=rt+1/2at2  

Find the values of a and t  when d=2 and r=3

ManuelBautista2019  Oct 24, 2017

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Hello Manuel,

Why is it that you give your own questions points but you almost never give the answerers any points?


Why is it that you always say please, which is very nice, but you never say thank you?

Melody  Oct 24, 2017


I always say thank you to whoever answers my questions

but you don't see it because I always send the person a private message

Also, I forgot the give the others questioners points

And by the way, Thanks for the answer

ManuelBautista2019  Oct 24, 2017

You are welcome and if you send private messages that is really nice of you.    laugh

It is also nice and important that you thank people publicly because it sets an example for others.


If new people do not see anyone else saying thank you then they are more likely to think that they, for some bizarre reason they are not supposed to say thanks.  People copy the behaviours of others. :)


Welcome to the forum by the way.  I know you have been here for over a month but that still isn't all that long.    laugh

Melody  Oct 24, 2017


Given: a=d/t2  and d=rt+1/2at2  

Find the values of a and t  when d=2 and r=3


\(Given: a=\frac{d}{t^2} \;\; and\;\;d=rt+\frac{1}{2}at^2\\\text{Find a and t when d=2 and r=3}\\~\\ a=\frac{2}{t^2}\;\;(1) \;\; and\;\;2=3t+\frac{1}{2}at^2\;\;(2)\\ at^2=2 \;\;\;(1b)\\ sub \;1b\;into\;2\\ 2=3t+\frac{1}{2}*2\\2=3t+1\\1=3t\\t=\frac{1}{3}\\ \text{sub back into (1)}\\ a=2\div\frac{1}{3^2}=2*9=18\\ so\;\;t=\frac{1}{3}\;\;and\;\;a=18 \)

Melody  Oct 24, 2017

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