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On September 30, Sathya books a holiday in the Dominican Republic departing February 14th the next year. The vacation costs $1259 (all inclusive) and Sathya has to pay by February 2nd. To avoid credit card debt, Sathya wants to pay cash... 


Sathya's net monthly salary is $2735; $1367.50 paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. Her essential monthly expenses are $2000 and because its the holiday season she needs $120 a month for other expenses... 


Using the information you have just read, calculate the amount of all Sathya's monthly expenses. 

Subtract the amount of all Sathya's monthly expenses from her monthly net pay to determine the amount she has available to put towards paying for the vacation...


Create a list of Sathya's paydays between September 30 and February 2nd


Sorry Got this straight from my math book! 

 Mar 7, 2018

just write it out and add and subtract and you got it.


1259 vacation


2735 income

2120 expenses


october, november, december, january, half of feburary

4.5 times 2735 is 12307.5 income

she has to pay all of feburary expenses so,

5 times 2120 is 10600


12307.5 - 10600 = 1707.5 money to spend


that is enough to cover the 1259 vacation and have some left over

 Mar 8, 2018
edited by Guest  Mar 8, 2018

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