Help Me please.


Convert 13(degrees symbol)17'50'' to a decimal degree rounded to the thousandths place.

ManuelBautista2019  Apr 1, 2018

13 degrees  17 minutes 50 seconds


We don't need to worry about the degree conversion..we need to convert the minutes and seconds to decimal degrees


There are 60 minutes to each degree  so we can express this as     17/60  degrees


And there  are  3600 seconds in each degree so we can express this as  50/3600 degrees 


So...adding   D, M ,S  in terms of degrees, we have...


D   +  M     +   S     =


13°  + 17/60° + 50/3600°   =


13.297222°  =   13.297°  (rounded)


BTW, Manuel....here's an app where you can check these conversions :




However....if you use this fractional adding procedure above.....you shouldn't have much trouble on these!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 1, 2018
edited by CPhill  Apr 1, 2018

Thank You!!!, Cphill

ManuelBautista2019  Apr 1, 2018

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