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Students in a fifth-grade class were given an exam. During the next 2 years, the same students were retested several times. The average score was given by the model   \(f(t) = 82 - 12 \log_{10}(t+1), \qquad 0\leq t\leq 24\)   where  is the time in months.


(a) What is the average score on the original exam? 


(b)What was the average score after 6 months? 


(c) What was the average score after 18 months? 

 Jun 7, 2018

Just substitute in for the value of 't' and calculate....

A   t=0    and calculate.....82 - 12 log(0+1) = 82

B  t= 6   and calculate....

C  t = 18   

 Jun 7, 2018

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