Monica's rectangular living room is 12 ft by 15 ft she has a square rug that covers 5/9 of the area of the floor. what is the side length of the square rug?

Guest Apr 5, 2017

The area of the living room = 12 * 15 = 180 square feet


The area of the rug is 5/9 of that, so

the area of the rug = 5/9 * 180 = 100 square feet


The rug is square, so

the area of the rug = (side length)^2


Since we just found out what the area of the rug is, put that value in for the area and solve for the side length.

100 square feet = (side length)^2


Take the + square root of both sides.


√100 = side length


10 feet = side length

hectictar  Apr 5, 2017

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