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What is the expression for f(x), when we rewrite \(3^{5x+3} \cdot 27^{x}\), as \(3^{f(x)}\) ?



I need help with this problem, and I watched the video before it but it was confusing for me. Could somebody explain the question or help me solve it?

Thank you,







Ok, I forgot to include what I tried and what I am stuck on:

\(3^{3^{5x+3} \cdot 27^{x}}\)

Then I simplified a bit:


and now, I have no idea what to do.

It would be great if you could help from there!

 Aug 10, 2019
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edited by tommarvoloriddle  Aug 10, 2019
edited by tommarvoloriddle  Aug 10, 2019

3^(5x + 3) *  27^x


Note that 27^x  = (3^3)^x     =  3^(3x)   ....so we have....


3^(5x + 3) * 3^(3x)        using a property of exponents   we can write


3^( 5x + 3  + 3x)  =


3^( 8x + 3)   


So  f(x)   =  8x + 3



cool cool cool

 Aug 10, 2019

Thank you!

tommarvoloriddle  Aug 11, 2019

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