a. Calculate the area of the entire figure

b. Calculate the area of the two black pieces


I'm horrible at these kinds of questions so help would be really appreciated <3

Guest Mar 27, 2018

The grey  half circle on the left  has a radius  of 12cm

Its area is  (1/2)pi(12)^2   =   72pi  cm^2 ≈  226.2 cm^2    (1)

The remaining area is a rectangle  with dimensions 12 * 24  =   288 cm^2  (2)

So  the approximate total area  is  288 + 226.2  =   514.2  cm^2  


The approximate area  of the two black pieces  is  (2) - (1)   =  61.8 cm^2



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 27, 2018

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