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Complete the two-way frequency table below, which shows the relationship between adults' gender and whether these adults buy a truck or a car for their first new vehicle. From a sample of 94 adults, the following data are collected:

              Truck   Car   Total

Female    9         36

Male        18       31

Total                             94

What is the probability (rounded to the nearest whole percent) that an adult will buy a car, given that she is a female? Are the events being female and buying a car independent


A 38%; they are dependent

B 80%; they are independent

C 54%; they are independent

D 80%; they are dependent

 Apr 12, 2018

              Truck   Car   Total

Female    9         36     45

Male        18       31     49

Total        27       67     94




 Apr 12, 2018


D 80%; they are dependent



 Apr 12, 2018
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