Jack Is Learning To Save, Spend, And Give His Money Away. He Has Hetermined To Give Away 10% Of His Job Earnings. If He Gives Away $256, How Much Did He Earn This Summer?

IvanYunga1  Jan 17, 2018

Let's set it up as a ratio

256 is to 10%   as   x is to 100%

256/10  =  x/100      solve for 'x'

x= $2560        amount he earned for the summer   

ElectricPavlov  Jan 17, 2018

10% = 10/100 or 1/10


so basically if he gives away $256 then 256 is 1/10th of the money he earnt so the amount of money he earnt is 256*10 = $2560. peace.cool

Scruffy23.  Jan 17, 2018

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