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A parabola $ax^2+bx+c$ contains the points $(-1,0)$, $(0,5)$, and $(5,0)$. Find the value $100a+10b+c$.

 Nov 10, 2019

Plug in the x values in the coordinates into the parabola equation. then set it equal to the y-value in the coordinates.


So we get 3 equations





Simplifies to:




Plugging C we get two equations




We simplify:




We simplify further:




We use elimination (addition):




Plugging back a = -1 into \(a-b=-5\)


We get \(b=4\)


So we have \((a,b,c)=(-1,4,5)\)



I will leave evaluating \(100a+10b+c\) up to you now.

Can you solve the problem?

 Nov 10, 2019

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