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1.T graph of $y = f(x)$ is a parabola whose vertex is at $(1, -2)$. The graph of $y = f(x - 3)$ is also a parabola. Where is the vertex of the graph of $y = f(x-3)$?


2.The graph of $y = f(x)$ has the line $x = 5$ as an axis of symmetry. The graph also passes through the point $(8,-7).$ Find another point that must lie on the graph of $y = f(x).$



 Mar 9, 2019

1)  if you replace  x  with   x-3   then

The whole parabola will be translated 3 units over in the positive x direction.


2)   Sketch  the graph.   If you know what an axis of symmetry is then the answer will be easily found.


3)  This about what I said for question 1.



Please no one answer over the top of me. 

 Mar 9, 2019
edited by Melody  Mar 9, 2019

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