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Which equation represents this sentence?

Five more than three times the number is one-third more than the sum of the number and itself.






 Aug 23, 2017

Assuming the bullet points are not negative signs....


Look at the first part of the phrase:

"Five more than three times the number"

The variable 'n' would represent "the number."

Three times the number would be 3n. 

Five more than that would be 3n+5.


Now look at the second part of the phrase: 

"one third more than the sum of the number and itself."

This is a bit tricky. (Didn't quite understand this, so I had to look at the four possible answers.)

I assume "the sum of the number and itself" is n+n.

And 1/3 more than that would simply be (n+n) + 1/3.


Now using the 'equal' sign let's put these two parts together. (No, we are not adding)



And that is the fourth answer.


So the fourth answer is correct.

(This was a tricky question...especially because I spent a lot of time wondering if those bullet points were negative signs)laugh

 Aug 23, 2017

That's a really good way of explaining it Gh0sty !! smiley

hectictar  Aug 25, 2017

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