Regular hexagon \(ABCDEF\) is the base of the right pyramid \(PABCDEF\) If \(PAD\) is an equilateral triangle with side length 6, then what is the sum of the lengths of the edges of the pyramid?

 Jun 22, 2019

Draw this out if you are having trouble visualizing


PAD is an equilateral triangle with a length of 6, this means that the hexagon base is 6 inches long in total.



If you divide the hexagon into 6 equilateral triangles, then each has a side length of 3 by dividing 6 in half knowing the hexagon's height.


So the sum of the edges of the HEXAGON is 18


The sum of the edges on the pyramid is 36



So the answer is 54

 Jun 22, 2019

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