Dogs in the GoodDog Obedience School win a blue ribbon for learning how to sit, a green ribbon for learning how to roll over, and a white ribbon for learning how to stay. There are  dogs in the school.

73 have blue ribbons, 39 have green ribbons, and 62 have white ribbons.

21 have a blue ribbon and a green ribbon; 28 have a green ribbon and a white ribbon; 41 have a blue ribbon and a white ribbon.

14 have all three ribbons.

How many dogs have not learned any tricks?


I'm really struggling with this question mainly because I don't know what to do with this information, I know I should put it in a circle graph but otherwise I'm confused

 Jan 7, 2020

I would suggest a Venn diagram...I will post one in just a second...BUT you Q does not state how many dogs are in the school.....  cheeky

   Draw the three overlapping circles....

      then start where they all overlap   14 have all 3 ribbons

         then fill in the 2 circle overlaps with the info given.....

             then fill in the big circle portions with the info given.....

                 add up all of the numbers to find the number of dogs who learned a trick and got at least one ribbon

                           total 98 dogs

                                if there is more than 98 dogs in the class, the remainder learned no tricks....

 Jan 7, 2020
edited by ElectricPavlov  Jan 7, 2020

Here is the Venn diagram


 Jan 7, 2020

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