On a county map, the distance between Tinsel Town and Emerald City measures 3.5 in. The actual distance between the two locations is 42 mi. If the distance between Emerald City and Diamond Bluff measures 2.75 in on that same map, how many miles apart are the two cities?

mathtoo  Jun 20, 2018

So, the distance in inches on a map, between Tinsel Town and Emerald City is 3.5 inches, and the actual distance is 42 miles.

And, the problem is asking us to find the actual distance between Emerald City and Diamond Bluff, if it's 2.75 inches apart.

 We can first solve for 1 inch, then multiply the result by 2.75 inches, to find how far apart 2.75 inches is in miles(on a map.)

  So, \(3.5n=42m \longrightarrow n=12\)


We have solved for n, but we have to solve for 2.75n, which we can do: \(2.75*12=\boxed{33}\) miles.


tertre  Jun 20, 2018

2.75/3.5  x 42 mi =33 miles

Guest Jun 20, 2018

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