A linear function 'f' models a relationship in which the dependent variable decreases 1 units for every 5 units the independent variable decreases. The value of the function at 0 is 3. Identify the slope, y-intercept, and x-intercept.

wakkoal72  Feb 28, 2018

SLope is defined as rise/run  of a graph or function

Dependent variable is usually 'y'

This question tells us that    rise = -1     when run =-5     rise /run = -1/-5 = 1/5=slope

The question also gives us a point   0,3

Using the   y=mx+b   format of a line    (m=slope b = y intercept)

     y= 1/5x +b    Substitute in the point   0,3

     3 = 5(0) + b       shows b=3

So the equation for the line becomes     y = 1/5x+3


The x intercept is when y = 0    then x = -15  

The y intecept  is obtained when x = 0      y=3   (this one was given in the Q)


ElectricPavlov  Feb 28, 2018
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