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The height, h, in feet of a golf ball above the ground after being hit into the air is given by the equation, h  = -16t 2 + 64t, where t is the number of seconds elapsed since the ball was hit. How many seconds does it take for the golf ball to hit the ground?

It will take ______________ a0 seconds for the ball to hit the ground.

 Feb 8, 2019

When h = 0   the ball is on the ground.....solve for h=0


0 = -16T^2 + 64T

0=    t(-16 t + 64)            so t = 0 is one choice,,,,this would be before the ball is hit.

0 = -16t+64

16t = 64

t = 4   sec      when the ball lands 

 Feb 8, 2019

thank you!!!!

Bleh674  Feb 8, 2019

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