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 Nov 15, 2019
edited by sinclairdragon428  Nov 20, 2019

well in the 5 times, there are 30 faces 

Each roll has atleast one "6" in it, you want to find the probability "If we get a 6 at most in 2 of the rolls only right?" 

so in 2 times, there are two "6", 

and in 2 rolls there are 6*2=12 possibility 

2/12= 1/6

 Nov 15, 2019

I did not get that.

This is a combination question.

You have to work out the prob of 0 + prob of 1 + prob of 2


That should get you started. 

Melody  Nov 15, 2019

Each dice has a 1/6 chance to roll a six which means there are 6^5 possible rolls that 5 dice could have


if we isolate the roles that have a six, that means we are dividing the equation by 6

because only a 6th of them have a six, which brings it down to 6^4 possible roles


then we isolate the next six which would be the same thing because only a 6th of them have a six

so it would be 6^3 possible roles


next we need to turn 6^3 possible roles in to a fraction which involes divididing it from 6^5

which would be a 1/6^2 chance or 1/32 chance of roling a pair of sixes


I should mention the reason why I know this is because I was bored and wanted to know the

chances of getting a yatzee on the first roll (which is 1/6^4 by the way)

 Nov 15, 2019

Thanks for having a go ChessPlayer   BUT     I don't think so .   surprise

Melody  Nov 15, 2019

Casewrok gives us 5^3 + 5^4 + 5^5 = 3875 possible rolls, so the answer is 3875/7776.

 Nov 17, 2019

Still no bananas.  This is a combination question.

Melody  Nov 17, 2019

I am closing this as sinclairdragon is obviously not interested in discussing anything.  

He is only interested in the final answer.


I know this becasue he has reposted.  I have locked that one too.


I do not want this site to be known primarily as a cheat site.

 Nov 18, 2019
edited by Melody  Nov 18, 2019

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