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find the original price discount sale price or selling price


question #1 original price:$130 discount:60% sale price: ?


question #2 cost to store:$45 mark up:35% selling price: ?

 Jan 30, 2018

#1) If the price of an item is $130 and the discount is at 60%, this means the price of the sale price should be 60% of the original price, $130. 


What is 60% of 130? Well, the "of" in mathematics is an indicator of the multiplication operation, so the problem is effectively 60% * 130.


\(60\%*130\) Convert the percentage to a decimal or fraction and simplify the expression.
\(60\%=\frac{60}{100}=\frac{3}{5}\) Now, do the  multiplication. 
\(\frac{3}{5}*\frac{130}{1}\) Notice that the 130 and the 5 have a GCF of 5, so we can do some canceling here. 
\(3*26\) Do the multiplication.
\(\$78.00\) This is the sale price of the particular item. 


#2) A mark up means that the store is adding to the original price of the item. In this case, $45 with a 35% markup means that the sale price should increase by 35%. In other words, this means:


Sale price = $45 + (35% of 45)


Let's simplify this.


\(\$45+35\%\text{ of }45\) "Of" yet again means multiplication.
\(45+35*45\) Using some algebra skills, we can make this one multiplication problem.
 Jan 30, 2018

Thank you so much

Nerd123  Jan 30, 2018

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