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I have some homework that is due tommorow first thing. All your help is apreaciated. Even if you only know one of the questions, please show it!  Please show your work. Thanks!smiley


1) Molly started her Novemeber "Read-a Lot" money raising progamme on the first day of the month, at the top of page 63 of her very large book. She read 23 pages the first day, 30 pages the second, then 37 pages on November 3. She continued, reading 7 pages extra each day, until the end of the month. On what page did she finish?


2) In the given pattern, find the 9th number in the 121st row. 


                                                     2        3 

                                                  6      5       4

                                               7     8       9       10

                                           15     14    13    12      11

                                          16     17 ... 


3) How many dights are in the number repersented by the expression 25201 x 52560 ÷ 8882?


4) Find the sum of all five-dight numbers that can be formed by using the dights 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, where each of these dights appears in each number. 


5) Find the value of if 33 x 9x 273 x ....... x 19683- 3m


6) The sum of 6 consecutive integers is 153. What is their product? 

 Feb 23, 2019

6. This one is fairly nice.

Label the numbers: x-2, x-1, x, x+1, x+2, x+3.

So, we have 6x+3=153, 6x=150, x=25

Thus, their product is \(23*24*25*26*27*28=\boxed{271252800}.\)

 Feb 23, 2019

I don't help no cheater. Go and do your homework yourself. Or at least show what you've tried urself.


Pay attention in school and don't make others do your work for you.


Show that you've made an effort.


Just stop cheating for the love of god.

 Feb 23, 2019

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