no one stilled answered that's why I have to post it again

 Jun 21, 2020

A problem with these questions:  In the questions they refer to the point R(4,-3), but on the graph they have plotted the point (3,-4).


In the questions, replace "R(4,-3)" with "R(3,-4)" and then try to solve them.


Question 1:  Take out a sheet of graph paper; plot the point R(3,-4). 

                     Draw the line through that point and the origin.

                     Draw the perpendicular to that line through the origin.

                     The resultant point will be on this second line, in the third quadrant.

                     The distance from the original point, R(3,-4), and the origin will be the same distance from the origin

                     to the point R' (and, I have no idea why they call it "V'").


Question 2: To reflect the point over the x-axis means that the new point will have the same x-value as the 

                    original point but it will be as far above the x-axis as the original point is below the x-axis.


Question 3: Start from the original point and count up 13 spaces. Where are you?


Question 4: This asks where the 4 endpoints of the kite end -- what is the only answer that has 4 points?

 Jun 21, 2020

i understand but i didn't understand number 4

 Jun 21, 2020

@DeluxeVegan, I remember you sent this as a message to me and I responded. Why don't you check that? If my answers were wrong, you should've told me.

 Jun 21, 2020

Hi DeluxeVegan, here's clarification for numbner 4.


SInce it's multiple choice, and the only question asking for a set of 4 coordinate pairs, we can know that it's b, since all others are taken and the only one with 4 coordinates.


Also,gwen tells us that you sent it to him/her, so if he/she didn't answer correctly you should tell him/her about it so h/she can improve in the future.

 Jun 22, 2020

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