A pair of skydivers jump out of an airplane 5.5 km above the ground. The equation H=5500- 5t^2 is an approximate model for the divers' altitude in metres at t seconds after jumping out of the plane. (a) After 10 s how far have the divers fallen? (b) They open their chutes at an altitude of 1000 m. How long did they free-fall? (c)If a parachute does not open at 1000 m, how much time is left to use the emergency chute?

 Apr 9, 2021

a)  substitute  t = 10 into the equation to find their height at ten seconds

        subtract this height from 5500  to find how far they have falllen

b) sbstitute 1000 for  H    then solve for  t   in the equation

c)  h will = 0 when they smack into the ground if they do not open a chute

           use H = 0     to find the total time to fall from the plane to the ground

               then subtract the answer from b to find how much time is left !

 Apr 9, 2021
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