today my company terminating me cus they want to hire new people.. 8 year im with his company ... they are giving me 3 months salary  till 9th november and for 5 years 21days basic and 3 years 30 days basic .. plz help my salary is 2850 how much i should get and basic is 1425

Guest Aug 9, 2017

If you want to know how much is 3 months of salary for you:

Ans: \(3*2850\)

\(=8550\) (Some Units)

Assuming your "5 years 21 days basic and 3 years 30 days basic" means 8 years + one month + 21 days:

Total basic of the time duration above:

\(1425\cdot \left(8\cdot 12+1+\frac{21}{30}\right)\)

\(=139222.5\) (Some Units)


You missed something in your question:
1.The unit of your salary.

2.Define "5 year 21 days basic and 3 years 30 days basic"

3.Less grammatical errors for correct intepretation.




Jeffes02  Aug 9, 2017

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