Josh has and extension ladder which is 9.8m long. He needs to clean the windows on the outside of a building. The lower part of these windows is 9.8m from the base of the building, and they are 1.2m tall. Unfortunately, the closest Josh can place his ladder to the base of the building is 3m, as there are bushes preventing him from putting it any closer. Josh is 1.2m tall.

calculate the height the ladder reaches up the building

explain whether josh will be able to clean the windows

 May 15, 2020

the ladder is the hypotenuse and the side of the building and distance from the building are the legs , so the Pythagorean Theorem applies


9.8^2 = 3^2 + d^2       d = 9.33 m = distance up the side of the building

 if Jost is able to stand most of the way up the ladder    he will be able to reach a bit less than  9.33 + 1.2  + his arm length =~~ 10.5 m

   the top of the window is at    9.8 m  + 1.2 = 11 m  

    it is unlikely Josh will be able to clean to the top of the windows without a tool extension handle of some kind !

 May 15, 2020

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