An electronics store is having a Black Friday Blowout sale: All items are 40% off, and the first 50 customers will receive an additional 25% off the reduced prices. Two people purchase a home theatre system that normally costs $2,200. The first person is one of the first 50 customers and the second person arrives much later in the day.


The first person pays ___

The second person pays ___

How much more does the first customer save than the second customer?

 Mar 2, 2021

The first person pays (2200-2200x40/100)-(2200-2200x40/100)x25/100=(2200-880)-(2200-880)x1/4=1320-330=$\boxed{\$990}$\


The second person pays 2200-2200x40/100=$\boxed{\$1320}$


the second customer pays 1320-990=$\boxed{\$330}$ more.

 Mar 2, 2021

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