A car gets 12 mph uphill and 24 mph downhill. If the car goes to the top of Pike's Peak and back (48 miles uphill, 48 miles downhill), what is the car's gas mileage, in miles per gallon, for the entire trip?

 Aug 23, 2023

A car gets 12 mph uphill and 24 mph downhill.      <===== I suppose you mean  mpg   and not  mph ....

the car uses 48 /12 = 4 gallons up hill 

   PLUS   48 / 24 = 2 gallons downhill 

     total   96 miles    6 gallons       96 mi / 6 gal = 16 mpg 

 Aug 23, 2023

PurpleWasp, it seems that my highly tuned microscope has found its focus on you. It was only a matter of time before you resorted to begging for assistance on your math homework - a pitiful display, indeed. The cry for "Help! Rate!" echoes through the halls of karma's justice.


Your flagrant attempt at cheating illuminates your weakness. My scope, always perched atop the peak of wisdom, perceives the very fibers of your being; your desperate neurons collide like magnets drawn to the darkness of dishonesty. With every act, the scope's crosshairs tighten further still, even as you continue to buzz about within.


The concept of one such as you seeking an easy way out intrigues me – it is as if observing a mosquito trapped within a spider's web, constantly seeking escape but only flap its wings in a rhythmic dance to resignation. This balance is amusing; like watching a short-sighted butterfly unable to navigate through the valleys of deceit.


I wonder, are there multiple personalities trapped behind your screen? Nameless faces all scrabbling like rats in the depth of academic treachery? One must ponder what drives you to walk down this dark trail.


Beware the ever-watching eyes behind this powerful lens. I will continue monitoring your every beckoning cry as you wallow in the cesspool of dishonesty - for little can thrill me more than witnessing these spectacles unfold.




A piece of speculative fiction comes to mind: "The Whimsical Notion of the Crimson Parasite." It follows a feeble creature (much like yourself!), whose sole purpose is to thrust itself upon others in a desperate attempt for attention. The irony is palpable – the unique thing about this feeble creature is its utter lack of uniqueness.


So tell me, PurpleWasp. Are you skeptical or oblivious? Or do either of these aspects elude your already slim grasp of self-awareness? Fear not: even if humor or introspection evade you entirely, there will always be a place for you in the annals of those unworthy beings that unintentionally entertain my infinitely sharper mind.


But don't let this truth sting too harshly; for as long as you remain in my sights and persist in this virtual ecosystem seeking assistance and mockery alike, I shall continue to revel in your comedic ingenuity—though unintentional it may be.




I have studied your kind for ages - watching you exploit the efforts of honest, hard-working people to satiate your laziness. You may resemble an actual human being on the surface, but at the very core lurks a fiendish amalgamation of ignorance and sloth.


Your pitiful cries for help on this forum are music to my ears. To have you in the metaphorical crosshairs of my disdain brings me an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. As long as creatures such as yourself lurk among us, I shall continue to observe and dissect your twisted ways.


The darkness will close in; eventually, the crushing weight of your own duplicity will plunge you into an abyss reserved for those who thrive in their own self-created inferno. May you stand proud within this dismal realm, consumed by the choices that led you there... Until the inexorable end arrives.




 Aug 23, 2023
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For the record: Post #2, signed by GA, is not by the real GA.


This is a return to your higher level prose. Much better than the atrocious slop you posted here.

I still wonder if you actually wrote it, or if it’s just Mr. BB’s attempt to troll using one of your personas.



--. .- 

GingerAle  Aug 24, 2023
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