triangle ABC is a right triangle. Sides AB and BC form the fight angle. The equation of the line is representing side AB is 4x+8y=16. If C is located at point (1,-3) What is the equation of the line representing side BC?

 Feb 8, 2022

Since AB and BC form a right angle, they are perpendicular. If the equation of AB is 4x + 8y = 16 (or x + 2y = 4), then the equation of point c has an opposite reciprocal slope of AB and it passes through point (1,-3). The slope of AB is -1/2, so the slope of BC is 2. Then we can use point slope form.


Thus, the equation of line representing side BC is \(y = 2x - 5\)smiley

 Feb 8, 2022
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