Mack the bug starts at (0,0) at noon and each minute moves one unit right or one unit up. He is trying to get to the point (5,7). However, at (2,3) there is a spider that will eat him if he goes through that point. In how many ways can Mack reach (5,7)?

 Jul 9, 2019
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What point is he trying to go to again? Is this from AoPS? Is this an HW problem? I recognize it from an earlier course I had with Counting and prob... What time does he start? What point is the spider at? What point is he trying to reach?


These are all the questions I have for you, Guest. Answer them, or change the problem to include the missing information. 


Without this information, I can not help you.






I suspect it is an AoPS HW problem, because, that's what happens when you copy and paste latex here. Sometimes it works. But the only site you can't really do it from(in my experience) is AoPS. 


Please do not turn this into a cheat Homework website. My words will have little impact on you(because nobody remembers them enough to seriously consider them) but I hope you can break the record for thinking about my words (record: 36 seconds if you're interested...) 


To fix the problem you're having (copying and pasting without it disappearing), It's the latex that keeps the important things out- so, at that point, it would be best to type out the missing info. I would advise you to watch the videos in the videos section in those AoPS courses, or, check out this video made by Richard Ruesck:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8BYckxI8_U&list=PLiNDnWouRxbnh0R71E3YtaOezk8f-DNo8&index=30 This video shows you basically the concept that you need to solve those types of problems. Once you have finished changing the Problem to at least meet the minimum expectations (not having any sort of missing information) I will help you find the answer, but I will NOT in any sort of way, give the answer before I see that you have tried your best and came to this website as a last resort. Other users may help you as well after receiving the missing information.


And another thing you can do in AoPS, you can go to the Message Board and post asking for help. They will guide you through those steps way better than I ever could. Good Luck on your AoPS course(if you have one)!

 Jul 9, 2019
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0 , 0 ~ 5 , 7= 792 ways

0 , 0 ~ 2 , 3 = 10 ways

So 792 - 10  = 782 ways



ANSWER: 782 ways~~ :)

 Jul 10, 2019
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