I've been thinking that a lot of people have trouble factorising. Especially factorising quadratic equations.
I am wondering if anybody would be interested in learning, practicing or improving their ability with simplifying and factorising.
If no-one cooperates I will not persist.

Two of the factors of 8 are 2 and 4. because 2 * 4 = 8 .................1 and 8 are also factors
The factors of x(x+3) are x and x+3 because x * (x+3) = x(x+3) ...... 1 and x(x+3) are also factors but I'm not interested in them at the moment,

So if you are asked to factorise x 2 + 3x, you are being asked to separate it into factors, which will mean putting in brackets.
The answer will be x 2 + 3x = x(x + 3)

How do you factorise a trinomial like this one
x2 + 7x + 12 ?
First you have to find 2 numbers that multiply to 12 and add to 7 (since 12 and 7 are both positive, the 2 numbers that you are looking for will both be positive.)
What are the numbers?

If someone answers this i will continue, with this one and then with a variety of others. Otherwise I might not bother.
 Jan 18, 2014

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