How do i make fraction with a number next to it on the left side

Guest Apr 4, 2017

A mixed number. 

Try using an improper fraction? 


type in your improper fraction numerator first

click the 1/x button 

delete the default number inside the parentheses and type in your denominator

Neptune  Apr 4, 2017

Say you want to do   \(3\frac{1}{4}-1\frac{4}{6}\)


put it in as





(3+1/4)-(1+4/6)= = 1.5833333333333333   

The calc also tells you that it is   \(\frac{19}{12}\)


But you have to be able to change that to   \(1\frac{7}{12}\)

Melody  Apr 4, 2017

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