I have a math test, coming up. It would be nice if someone could explain, adding and subtracting integers for me.

Guest Oct 24, 2017

An integer is a whole number; a number that is not a fraction.


Adding is group two things together and subtracting is taking something away from something else.


2 + 4 = 6


9 + 10 = 21, I mean 19


21 - 10 = 11


x - x = 0


Hope this helps! Good luck on the test!

supermanaccz  Oct 24, 2017


hectictar  Oct 24, 2017

Here is a very old post that you may find very helpful.


The original question is a little different from yours so be a little patient with looking at the answers :)




Actually, if you scroll the the very bottom of this thread you will find there is another link.

You may like it even more :)      It is more attractively presented  wink





For those of you who wonder how I found these, (they are over 3 years old) 

They are in the reference material thread that is in the Sticky Topics :)

Melody  Oct 24, 2017
edited by Melody  Oct 24, 2017

Good luck with your maths test .. I hope we have helped :)

Melody  Oct 24, 2017

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