I'm not sure how to do these. Any help would be appreciated!

Guest Feb 21, 2018

First one



The function is continuous  until x  = 0.......we have a discontinuity where the function's y value approaches  1  from the left side ...then, the  point (0,0) is on the graph....and then we have another discontinuity where the function approaches -1 from the right at x  = 0....from here, the function is continuous to infinity


Here's a graph  : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/gliwclwbrn



Second one


This is easier......we have the line  y  = x + 1....it is defined at all x values except at x  = 2...where  the point  (2, 1) appears on the graph.....thus, the first function approaches 3 from the left and right as x approaches 2 but it discontinous at x  = 2


Here's the graph : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/x3b14cad9o




cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 22, 2018

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