You roll three fair dice.  What is the probability that the product of the rolls is ten or greater?

 Dec 21, 2019

Here are the possible outcomes :



We have 216 oucomes

I'll let you  count all the ones  whose products  are 10  or  greater.....

Your count  / 216  = the probability


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 Dec 21, 2019

The probability = 181 / 216 

 Dec 21, 2019

There are total 216 outcomes if we could calculate it manually, It is better to use online probability calculators like these:

Probability Calculator

Expected Value Calculator

Variance Calculator

Summation Calculator

It is better to use such online calculators so that we could save time also along with having the answer of the question. Technology has changed quite a lot over the past years that it is not difficult to get help from such resources on web. But with its facilities we cannot totally depend upon such tools, better approach is to solve such equations by hand and learning the concept of their calculations. But if we are to solve such questions for quiz or general Q&A then best thing is to use online tools.

 Dec 21, 2019

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