hkI need help with understanding problems like these. I got these right after a few choices but need help please

 Feb 3, 2021

Here's  the  easy  way


Suppose we  have 


6q^2  + 12 q




Since  we have addition on the top....we can  just   divide  this up  as


6q^2                12q

_____  +        _____   =

  2q                    2q



3q   +  6     !!!


Works the  same with subtraction



Be careful,though


We CANNOT   split   multiplication


6x^2                                                   6             x^2

____    does   NOT EQUAL            ____ *       ____

 2x                                                     2x             2x



Here....we  just  cancel  on top/bottom  =   3x



Hope that helps....


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 Feb 3, 2021

Thanks Chris,


I'll give it a go too :)


Say you want to simplify the fraction    \(\frac{10}{15}\)


what you need to look for is common factors for the top and bottom, the common factor here is 5




I can cancel out the common factor and I will be left with     \(\frac{2}{3}\)




It works exactly the same there are letters involved.






 Feb 3, 2021

Thanks for the help you guyssmiley

Elijah  Feb 5, 2021

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