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The 68 students in a classical music lecture class were​ polled, with the results that 38 like Wolfgang Amadeus​ Mozart, 38 like Ludwig von​ Beethoven, 33 like Franz Joseph​ Haydn, 16 like Mozart and​ Beethoven, 21 like Mozart and​ Haydn, 16 like Beethoven and​ Haydn, and 9 like all three composers.


Use a Venn diagram to complete parts​ (a) through​ (f) below.

 Sep 9, 2017

I don't know what is containined in parts (a) through (f), but I'll calculate these:


Since 16 like M and B and 9 like M and B and H, 7 like only M and and B.

Since 21 like M and H and 9 like M and B and H, 12 like only M and H.

Since 16 like B and H and 9 like M and B and H, 7 like only B and H.

Since 38 like M and 9 like M and B and H and 7 like only M and B and 12 like only M and H, 38 - 9 - 7 - 12 = 10 like only M.

Since 38 like B and 9 like M and B and H and 7 like only M and B and 7 like only B and H, 15 like only B.

Since 33 like H and 9 like M and B and H and 12 like M and H and 7 like H and B, 5 like only H.


However, if my calculations are correct, I get 10 + 15 + 5 + 7 + 7 + 12 + 9 separate parts of the Venn diagram, which gives only 65 persons, not 68.


Did I mess up, or was a number typed incorrectly?

 Sep 9, 2017

Hi Geno :)

You didn't mess up there are 3 students in the classs that do not like any of those composers :)

Melody  Sep 9, 2017

I can understand an example better with the diagram and substrate and add numbers

Guest Sep 9, 2017

We have done a number of these for you today. Mostly with the diagrams.


Geno did do the maths, he just didn't put it in the diagram for you.

If you cannot use his instructions and do this for yourself then I do not think you understand at all.

If you cannot follow Genos instructions then you are just copying the others .. I'm not trying to be mean, you might not realize that you do not understand.

Melody  Sep 9, 2017
edited by Melody  Sep 9, 2017

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