Juwan and his friend Jamie are watching their favorite tech penny stocks in the stock market. The initial value of Jamie’s stock was $4.00, while Juwan’s stock’s initial value was $0.00. Because of some incredible turns in the market this morning, the stocks are now increasing in value. Every time Juwan’s stock rises by $4.00, Jamie’s stock increases by $3.00. If these stock gains remain constant throughout the day, perform the following:

a. Convert this scenario into two linear equations; show both the standard form and the slope-intercept form for both equations.
b. Explain how you decided to label the axes.
c. What are the realistic bounds for the domain and range of today’s stock gains? Explain your answer.
d. Does this scenario imply correlation or causation? Explain your answer.

 Jan 6, 2022


I have not thought this question out well.   I am not cllaiming it is exactly what you are asked for.

I am not even sure it is correct, Iam too tired to think it through well. 

But perhaps what I have done will give you some ideas.



A trading day is usually 6 hours long.  So the horizonal axis goes from  0 to  6/t    Domain   0 <= t <= 6/k 


If k >1.5 then the lines won't cross before the end of the day and    Range will be       0 < d < 3(6/k)+4  that is range :  0


If k <=1.5 then the lines will cross before the end of the day and    Range will be       0 < d < 4 (6/k)  that is range :  0





 Jan 6, 2022

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