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 Aug 28, 2018

First one 


2x + y   ≥ -4  ⇒  y ≥ -2x - 4

This line will have a negative slope  and a y intercept of -4   .it will be   solid line because of the  " ≥"


y ≥ 2x

This line will also be solid...it will have a positive slope and a y intercept of 0


y - 3  > (1/3) x  ⇒  y  > (1/3)x  + 3

This will be a dashed  line  with a positive slope and  a  y intercept  of 3


We can eliminate the top left graph and the bottom right graph as these have lines with all positive sopes


Let's pick a point  ...say (-1, -1)  and see which equations this sattisfies.....notice that this point makes all three equations false...


So...the correct graph must be the one at the top right since the shaded area of this graph graph does not  include the point (-1, -1)



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 Aug 28, 2018

Second one


y <  (-3/4) x + 1

This is a  dashed line - because of the "<"  - with a negative slope  and a y  intercept of  1


y > (2/3)x - 3

This  is also a dashed line with a positive slope and a y intercept of -3


Note that the graph   on the botom right is the only one satisfying these conditions....so, by default...it must be the  correct one



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 Aug 28, 2018

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