Points E, F, and D are on circle C, and angle G measures 60°. The measure of arc EF equals the measure of arc FD.

Circle C is shown. Line segments E C and D F are radii. Lines are drawn from points E and D to point F to form chords E F and D F. Tangents E G and D G intersect at point G outside of the circle. Angle E G D is 60 degrees and angles G E C and G D C are right angles. The lengths of E F and D F are congruent.

Which statements about the arcs and angles are true? Select three options.



Arc E D is-congruent-to arc F D

mArc E F = 60°

mArc F D = 120°


 Apr 9, 2020

Angle EFD =  Angle EGD


Arc ED  = Arc FD


m arc FD  = 120°



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 Apr 10, 2020

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