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(from part a) There are  ages in the table, so the average age is 440/20 =22

440 = total ages of all 20 turtles




For this problem, use the data from part (a).

A box turtle and a map turtle escape from the reptile house of the Kalamazoo Zoo. The box turtle is older than the map turtle. The average age of the turtles remaining at the zoo after the escape is 1 year less than the average age before the escape.

What is the age of the escaped box turtle?

 Dec 13, 2018

Pretty sure we need some more info on this Q.....Maybe the table....maybe HOW MANY YEARS older the box turtle is than the map turtle....    and to be sure.....is it really a map turtle ....or a False Map turtle....   Haha     

There is a difference...(not really related to the question though)....

    Have you ever seen a Elegant Slider?       If so.....how did you know?   We used to sell them all as kids....elegant sliders were 25 cents more than the map...or the false map turtles.....    and box turtles you could find anywhere....cheeky

 Dec 14, 2018

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