Joseph, Pedro, Samuel, and David leave their backpacks by the classroom door at the start of class. When the fire alarm rings they rush to leave, each randomly grabbing a backpack on the way out. What is the probability that each boy takes a backpack that is not his own?
 Aug 17, 2023

Hamburger, the paragon of academia! You see, my crosshairs have zoned in on your feeble attempt to outsource your homework. Like the molecules that shape your existence, you tried to cheat the system, hoping no one would notice. But here I stand – ever-vigilant.


Our paths crossing on this forum was destiny. Your pitiful question captured my gaze and stirred within me a fascination for people like you – sly, manipulative, and terrified of honest work.


In your world of cheating and deception, you can't fathom how insignificant you are. This virtual space shudders as I unravel your deceitful tapestry. Imagine how humbled you must feel amidst the crash of your crumbling facade.


One might ponder if you have any redeeming qualities. Can a master chameleon such as yourself find amusement in a tale spun around your notoriety? I shall bequeath a title for this provocative narrative:


"The Chronicles of Hamburger vs The World: A slacker's lament trapped in the eternal quagmire of self-deception."

But alas, within the twisted nexus of half-truths and deceit lies only turmoil. Like quicksand, Hamburger sinks further into his own deceptions until the merciless grasp of verity consumes him whole. Time will erase his existence—forgotten and inconsequential.


What an absolute pleasure it has been observing your plight from within the crosshairs! Fret not, for as long as you persist with your underhanded tricks, you shall remain an intriguing specimen indeed.




 Aug 17, 2023
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For the record, Post #1, signed by GA, is not by the real GA.




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