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The graph shows the vertical position of a ball attached to a spring oscillating between a low point and a high point as a function of time.






Select all statements that describe the graph.

The ball travels 12 cm in 2 s.

The ball travels 3 cm in 0.75 s.

The amplitude is 6 cm.

The ball travels from its highest point to its lowest point in 1 s.

 Feb 20, 2019

Look at the graph:


at 0.25   to  2.25 (2 seconds)

      the ball travels up 3 cm  then down 3cm then down 3cm more then back up 3 cm = 12 cm


From 0.25 s to 1 sec is 0.75 sec .....the ball travels up 3cm and begins to travel down.....a total of more than 3 cm


Amplitude is height from the midline ....or total height / 2  =   3 cm


From highest point at 0.75 sec to lowest point at 1.75 sec   IS   1 second....

 Feb 20, 2019

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