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On Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007, Rob has $5 he saved from his birthday, and he receives his first allowance payment of $35. He will continue to receive a allowance payment every Sunday. However, starting Jan. 7, 2007, Rob is also responsible for paying for his five lunches each week at $3 per lunch and his weekly Saturday movie that costs $9.50. If Rob always adds the remainder of his allowances each week to his current savings, after how many total allowance payments will he have enough money to pay for the $50 CD player he wants and still be able to cover his expenses for the rest of that week?

 Jan 13, 2019

He starts week 1 with 40      each week he has 24.5 in obligations and is left with 15.5


each subsequent week   adds 35 and subtracts 24.5   for  a net of 10.5 increase at the end of the week


Week 2 end he will have 26

week 3 end  he will have 36.5      still not enough to buy $50 CD set

Week 4 end he will have 47          Getting close!

Week 5 end he will have 57.5      Made it !    At the beginning of week 5 he can buy his CD set and still cover his expenses for the rest of the week !


He will hve received 5    $35 allowances

 Jan 13, 2019
edited by Guest  Jan 13, 2019

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