We pour a quantity of water from a jug into an empty cup so that the water we pour into the cup is 1/6 of the volume left in the jug. If we put 50 more milliliters of water in the cup, then the water in the cup is 1/5 of the volume left in the pitcher. How much water was in the jar at the beginning? 

 Apr 29, 2022

Let the amount that is left in the big one be x  AFTER  the amount has been tipped into the cup.

Which means that 1/6 of x is tipped into the cup

which means that originally there was 7/6 of x in the jug.


So the cup now has x/6  ml in it If we add 50ml that will be     x/6+50 millilitres    

and we are told htat that will be 1/5 of what is now in the pitcher  (how much was that again)


Draw a pic to help you see what is happening.

Set up a simple equation, solve for x, then solve for the amount of water that was in the pitcher in the first place.

 May 2, 2022

Please no one answer over me.

 May 2, 2022

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