how do i use angles to determine what kind of triangle it is?

Guest Apr 5, 2017

This can probably explain it better than I can:


https://www.mathsisfun.com/triangle.html   smiley

hectictar  Apr 5, 2017

Triangles can be classified either according to their sides or according to their angles. All of each may be of different or the same sizes; any two sides or angles may be of the same size; there may be one distinctive angle. 

Equilateral triangle: A triangle with all three sides equal in measure. 

Isosceles triangle: A triangle in which at least two sides have equal measure 

Scalene triangle: A triangle with all three sides of different measures

Right triangle: A triangle that has a right angle in its interior 

Acute triangle: A triangle having all acute angles (less than 90°) in its interior

Equiangular triangle: A triangle having all angles of equal measure 

Neptune  Apr 5, 2017

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