Billy wants to make trail mix using almonds, peanuts, and raisins. He wants to mix one part Almonds, two parts peanuts, and three parts raisins. Almonds cost $12 per pound, peanuts cost $8 per pound, and raisins cost $6 per pound. Let x represent the number of pounds of


1. Billy has $23 to spend on the trail mix. Write an equation to find the number of

Pounds of almonds Billy will be able to buy.


2. Determine how many pounds of trail mix he can make. 

Guest Aug 28, 2017


Let x be the quantity of almonds  in pounds

Then 2x is the quantity of peanuts 

And 3x is the quantity of raisins


And  price per pound * quantity  = total cost  ....so....


12x  + 8*(2x) + 6(3x)  = 23    simplify


12x + 16x + 18x  = 23


46x  = 23   divide both sides by  46


x = 1/2  pounds of almonds

2x = 2(1/2) =  1 pound of peanuts

3x  = 3(1/2)  = 3/2 pounds of raisins


He can make   1/2 + 1 + 3/2  =  3 pounds of trail mix



cool cool cool

CPhill  Aug 28, 2017

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